Growing up in Georgia, you realize very quickly that sportsmanship is a binding element of our culture. The many mornings on the dove field with my dad were never about bringing home the limit. Rather, it was about passing on a tradition of fellowship, sportsmanship, responsibility, and skill. Kingfisher began out of this love for the outdoors and the pursuit of better products for its enjoyment. During my time shooting competition Trap and Skeet in high school, I designed and crafted the first Wingshooter’s Cartridge Bag to solve the swinging, sagging, brush-snagging nature of conventional shell bags. The design was soon commissioned by fellow sportsmen, and Kingfisher Leatherworks was established. Over the past 6 years, we have continued in our passion for timeless and enduring leathergoods by implementing the techniques and materials that allow our sporting bags to last in the field, and using the same methods to craft superior belts, bags, and accessories. Each product is hand-made here in the USA with the finest American tanned Harness leathers. As a final touch, our craftsmen emboss each product with the "Double K", and their own initials as a seal of our approval. Merle, Raymond, and Joseph are 3rd generation leather craftsmen with amazing talent that allows us to produce heirloom quality products. There is no assembly line, each piece is an individual work of art signed by the artist. The initials below designate which craftsman made your piece.